美['ledʒəndrɪ]  英['ledʒəndrɪ]
n.  传说集;轶话集


  1. The great days of Hollywood have become legendry. 好莱坞鼎盛时期成了神话。
  2. But we Praxians have such creatures in our legendry, too. 可我们普拉西斯人在我们的传说里,也有这种生物。
  3. As a result, I only witness the last half of your legendry career. 很遗憾只见证了您辉煌职业生涯的后半段。
  4. Up to the time of his death, his notable make him become the legendry figue in music. 早在他去世前很久,他横溢的音乐才华就成为了传奇。
  5. Since the Reform in China, the origins in legendry related to Niangniang Temple Fair at C Village in Hebei Province have experienced subtle changes. 改革开放以来,与河北C村娘娘庙会相关的起源传说发生了细微的变化。
  6. All of these equipments talking above smartly combine with every theme's legendry story which will surely bring a very unique illusion experience to the visitors. 这些设施与各大主题的文化故事巧妙结合,给游客带来与众不同的梦幻体验。