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n.  利奥诺(Eleanor的异体)(f


  1. Felipe said Leonor will be educated for that possibility. 费利佩王储说莱昂诺尔会接受这方面的教育,以便有朝一日成为西班牙女王。
  2. As he labored over The Short History of Discovery, 1917, Ancient Man, 1920, and The Story of Mankind, 1921, van Loon became acquainted with Leonore St. 在写作《发明的故事》(1917)、《古人类》(1920)和《人类的故事》(1921)的过程中,房龙结识了纽约公共图书馆的儿童图书管理员利奥诺?圣约翰?保尔。
  3. The actor romps with co-star Leonor Watling in "The Oxford Murders," and admits he had a lot of fun shooting his bizarre first on screen love scene. 伊利亚在牛津杀手中有他的第一次床戏,我在国外网站上看见了他对此的谈论,旧翻译过来,大家也许以前没看过。
  4. Princess Leonor is second in line to the throne after Prince Felipe, who is the third child and only son of King Juan Carlos. 小公主莱昂诺尔排父亲费利佩王储之后,是王位的第二继承人。费利佩王储是卡洛斯国王的第三个孩子,也是唯一的儿子。
  5. With Felipe by his wife's side, Leonor was delivered through a Caesarean section at Madrid's Ruber International Clinic, three weeks before the scheduled due date. 王妃莱蒂齐亚在马德里北部的鲁伯尔国际医院经过剖腹产生下了小公主莱昂诺尔,她的丈夫费利佩王储一直陪在她身边。
  6. However, the Socialist government is looking into changing the constitution to give female royals the same right as males to accede to the throne, in which case Leonor could become queen one day. 然而,西班牙首相萨帕特罗领导的社会党正打算修改这一歧视女性的法律,让男女享有平等的王位继承权,这样莱昂诺尔有望成为西班牙女王。